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HKBI Machine Knives
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 HKBI Machine Knives is mainly engaged in the mechanical blade design, manufacture and sale of a business, the company specializes in design, production, sales circular blade shears blade, blade roll-shearing machine, bending machine dies, CNC molddies, slitter blades, cutter blades, paper knives, carton class blade cutter, flail, cross-cutting knives, corrugated knife, plastic knife, rubber knives, leather knife, peeling knife,insertsteel-sided port blade, joint dozens of varieties of punching and shearing machine blades, blade series, thousands of specifications of the tool molds.

In pursuit of Globalization "professional quality, excellent service, good small for brand" of management and is committed to provide high standards of manufacturing for our customers and end users, and efficient customer solutions. As a mechanical cutting tool industry practitioners, based on a responsible attitude to customers, and strive to grasp customer needs context to provide the required design (if any special requirements to customers and users are welcome to provide drawings or samples).

At present, the company mainly export-oriented business in mainland China has strong trade team, rallied the group is well versed in the market, knowledge of the international environment, foreign language skills of international trade. To expand into Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa, Latin America and other countries and regions.

HKBI Machine knives has become one of southern China large-scale mechanical blade supplier. The company is also actively working with many well-known international manufacturers to develop OEM. Science and technology as the guide, the use of scientific management mode and a new marketing idea to operate, with sophisticated detection equipment and perfect testing methods, we have a highly qualified team of technology and marketing staff adhere to create excellent products, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, insist on the supremacy of credibility, to achieve continuous improvement of the quality policy, promote unity, dedication, pioneering and innovative spirit.

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