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The end of the interview to impress the HR sentence

Candidates, interview, wait, before you find a satisfactory job always repeat these processes. Perhaps you will specifically acquire some clothes. Because you apply for this position does not allow you too with wearing casual; Perhaps you prior to recite an introduction of their own text, because you want to go to that position requires strong communication skills.

When the interviewer completed all the interviews within the specified time, he would politely ask you to go back and wait for notification. In general, you always say thank you, be calm and reasonable manner and then pretending to be away, but in fact on the way home you already began to anxiously waiting for a reply, as a source of income woman fall in love with a non man home --- "has shown signs of the time beautiful Meet ...... willing to accept the results of this win or lose ... still no regrets expect you to ...

However, if you say "thank you" before you say on a change from passive to active, then you wait at least not long without.

"Can you give me the job?"

It is said that there are a lot of people because of the brave in the end of the interview asked the question or the like, and ultimately got the job. It may be so brave to impress the boss; perhaps it is this dedication eager to get boss embarrassed to refuse. May simply luck --- but no matter how, after listening to the interviewer's job description, you can mouth to say that, you will get the worst answer is "No" or "We need time comprehensive assessment of the interview. "

"I am at the latest when to get the answer?"

The face of your courage after interview, the interviewer might say, "We need time to consider" or "we will call you about the second interview. In order to grasp the initiative, you can continue your question, because you want to know the worst results. Perhaps, the interviewer said: "There will be an echo." You may get heartburn may be fled, but you have to admit, at least the interviewer is serious and honest, you can also re-opened the stove full went to prepare for an interview.

"If, for whatever reason you do not have the deadline to notify me, I can contact you?

Perhaps the interviewer because of such problems annoyed, but most people will understand your feelings, know that once their own busy will not attend the convention with you. If so, you take the initiative to contact him is also his work to help. Of course, if you are not interested, they will be given hint: they are only in a perfunctory.

"Can you tell us some other people might be interested in?"

If you know you have been denied, may wish to ask this question, there may be a windfall. You know, most of the interviewers with people and willing to help each other, it is likely that he does not need you, but his one is desperate for a friend just need you.

Hongkong Blade Industry Limited is mainly engaged in the mechanical blade design, manufacture and sale of a business, the company mainly export-oriented business in mainland China has strong trade team, gather a group familiar with the market knowledge of the international environment,foreign language skills of international trade. Expansion to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, America, Africa, Latin America and other countries and regions, I hope the people with lofty ideals to join, we provide you with a platform to display their talents and opportunities.

First, the terms of employment:

1、A college education, business English major or related major;
2、held by four or six English certificate, I heard that the read and write barrier-free;
3、handsome, and the health of 18-35 year-old woman (graduates are welcomed);
4、can be hard, dare to challenge the self, love of foreign trade.

Second,Number: 5

Third, the salary structure: basic salary + commission + bonus + year-end awards (based on performance). Specific salary may be negotiable

Fourth,place of work:, Guangzhou.

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