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       Machine Knives of Global Market Grew Steadily Over The Next Five Years

Machine knives as an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry and an important process in the machining equipment, determine the manufacturing parts of the processing efficiency, accuracy, quality and cost. Modern advanced manufacturing technology companies led by the user, users in China have to take the lead, so as to drive a large number of material suppliers, machine tool supplier development.

Total sales of machine knives take 330 billion RMB at China's imports and made knives itself in 2010,it is the world's first. China machine knives increased 40 percent in 2010, the first three quarters grew by over 50% in 2010, Machine knives companies in the country's foreign sales growth is also very good, there is no market demand for any development are far, China's market huge demand, which is China's biggest advantage.......

      The Overall Marketing Analysis of Machine Knives from Domestic and Abroad
      China Cemented Carbide Industry is Facing New Opportunities for Development
      Blades Market: increasing Market Competitiveness 
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      Carbide Bladesl Material introduced

Carbide is the most widely used class of high-speed machining (HSM) tool material, such material is produced by powder metallurgy by hard carbides (usually tungsten carbide WC) particles and the soft texture of the metal binder composition. Currently, there are hundreds of different components of the WC-based cemented carbide, which are used in most of the cobalt (Co) as a binder, nickel (Ni) and chromium (Cr) is also commonly used binder element, you can also add some other alloying elements. Why do so many of carbide grades? Tool manufacturers on how to choose a particular cutting tool material right? To answer these questions, let us look at the carbide tool material into a variety of features ideal.

WC-Co cemented carbide in both hardness and toughness has unique advantages. Tungsten carbide (WC) itself has a high hardness (over corundum or aluminum oxide), and rises in temperature rarely dropped its hardness. However, it lacked sufficient toughness, which is essential for the performance of cutting tools. To take advantage of the high hardness of tungsten carbide, and to improve its toughness, it is the use of tungsten carbide metal-binding agent will be together, so that this material is both far more than the hardness of high speed steel, while able to withstand the most cutting cutting force. In addition, it can withstand high processing temperatures generated by cutting.

Today, almost all of the WC-Co cutting tools and blades are used the coating, therefore, the role of the matrix material seems less important. But in fact, is the WC-Co materials with high elasticity (stiffness of the indicators measured, WC-Co at room temperature elasticity is about three times as high speed steel) for the coating provides a non-deformed base. WC-Co matrix can provide the required toughness. These properties are the WC-Co materials, the basic characteristics, but also in the production of carbide powder, the microstructure by adjusting the material composition and structure of custom material properties. Therefore, the tool performance and suitability of a particular processing depends largely on the initial milling process.

       Basic Knowledge of Carbide Knives Materials


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