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Company Information

 HKBI group including companies sinoblades, hongkong blades and hkbi machine knives, which locat at south of China, Hongkong and Guangzhou, both are port cities and  transport hubs. Guangzhou is one traditional trade center, almost 40% of Chinese cargoes are exported from here to all around the world. Hongkong is the economic and financial center of Asia, the import and export goods distribution center, one of the world largest logistic hubs, from where each day thousands of ships are heading for other seaports of all the world. we take this area advantage to grow fast, our products are exported to more than 50 countries, our customers are from Europe, America, Southeast Aisa, Africa, the middle east and so on. 

HKBI group are dedicated to manufacturing and exporting industry knives and blades, which can be used in food/paper/wood/metal/plastic/leather/rubber and other industries. after years of endeavor, we already won a high reputation in this area, as one reliable manufacturer, we can supply circular blades, straight knives, serrated knives, special-shaped ones and other special cutting tools, our common products including the slitting knife, trimming knife, top dished blade, bottom knife, and the knife holder, we can make the top blades with single bevel, double bevels, compounded bevels and so on, and guillotine knives for paper cutting, the peeling knives/planing knives/chipping knives/rotary cutters, crushing/smashing blades for wood processing. trimming knives, shear blades, hot knives and rolling knives for metal processing industry, straight knives are used to trim, shear or slit different shape of paper/metals/wood/rubber or plastic and so on, w
e can make blades/knives as per your requirements, just offer us the specifications or drawings, we also can make the related products like grinding stones, isolating rings, separators, clips, pins and so on. Once you have any demand, please send us the specifications, drawings or samples, we can design and make qualified products for you, try with us, we will show you the excellent products with nice finish and tolerance, when you get the products, you will find that you get one valuable supplier! 

HKBI group history were from the end part of 20th century, in the gold rush era, China`s industrial growth was extremely fast, with the development of all the industries, the demand of machine knives and blades were soaring for various industries, but few manufacturers in China then can supply high quality machine knives and blades at the time, especially, the industries paper, plastic & rubber, metal, and leather, they asked for plenty of knives and blades but could not find the suitable supplier in home market, which would slow down the development of all the industries, they had no choice but imported parts from abroad countries, which greatly increased production costs. As a result, we began manufacturing industrial machine knives to fill this need. In 1997, we began HKBI, with approximately two hundred thousand US dollars, we invested into advanced equipments for producing machine knives and blades  and employing a lot of experienced technicians. After years of efforts, we already accumulated enough manufacturing experience to enlarge our production capacity. In 2007, we invested again many professional equipments including the professinal testing tools, our production lines can  produce  hundred thousands of  different machine knives and blades,  annual yield broke through 400,000 cutting machine knives and blades, our machine parts, which include circular flat or dished knives, straight knives, and special-cutting knives, serrated knives were being sold very well by our sales team, more and more orders from all the world, not just home market. Due to the increasing demand of abroad markets, to meet the fast delivery requirements from customers, we enlarged again our production lines in 2012, and established one professional sales team for customers from abroad, we paid more attention and efforts on abroad market, in the following year 2013, our gross export value broke through US dollars 2 millions.  

HKBI group keep supplying highest quality industry knives & blades, and are offering at the most economical prices for slitting blades, trimming knives, chipper knives, saw blades, perforation knives, paper guillotine knives, or shear blades, carbide knives and slotting knives. we`re getting supports from more and more customers which are from all the world. Our engineers and production managers keep trying new methods and advanced ways to improve the quality, to extend the lifetime of  knives and blades, we find that each procedure in the production are important, from the forging to the grinding, even the transport is key factor to ensure the quality for one blade, but the most important procedure is still the heat treatment including preheat, temper, hardening, quenching medium, cooling way, all these decide the lifetime of the parts, so, we employ one senior technician with decades of experiences in the heat treatment area, and by leading of senior engineer, we have engineer team, who are responsible to research and purchase raw materials, we use a variety of raw materials, including carbon steel, alloy tool steel, high speed steel, stainless steel, spring steel, die steel and tungsten carbide. Each of these materials has specific features, so machine knife users may choose cutting knives of varying materials, based on their different cutting needs. our engineer team enlarge our raw materials scope including : S45C/65Mn/SK5/SUJ-2/52100/9CrSi/D2/HSS/PM HSS/420SS/440B/440C/SKD-11/SKH/1.2067/1.2379/1.3343/A8/H13 and so on. these mateials can be used in different industy area, including paper making, food processing, wood cutting, metal trimming, leather working, plastic and rubber industry and so on. 

As one leading manufacturer and exporter for industry knives and blades, we already earned the high reputation in the global market. The quality of our products are being approved by more and more customers, but we sill insist to inspect our products strictly, our engineers check products from the raw materials to the last production procedure, we keep checking each product from the hardness to the cutting edges, we ensure each product is qualified before sending out to our customers, our parts are packed in protecting way, to avoid any crash or damage during the transport. Buy from us, you will find that you can save lots of time and work.

We cooperate with many forwarders including express companies like DHL/TNT/UPS and Fedex, also shipping lines like COSCO, MSC, CMA and so on, we can arrange shipments by door to door express delivery, air shipment to international airports, or ocean shipment. we always do the best to save money for our customers.

We at HKBI group provide not only high quality knives and blades, but also good after-sales services, we ensure customer to be satisfied by offering a policy with refund, remake, or repair for one year after your purchase from us, so, with this "Tri-Re" policy, you can feel secure in using our products. Call us or send e-mails to us today.

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