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Wood Mil Machine Knives and Saws

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Wood Machine Knives and Saws

Products offered by HKBI----a wood mill machine knives maker

As an experienced industrial machine knife maker and supplier, HKBI can provide wide range of cutting saws and saw blades for wood industry.

HKBI wood mill machine knives or cutting saws include: circular saws primarily for sawmill industry; chipper blades of chipper knives primarily for pulp industry; slasher saws and peeling knives mainly used in plywood industry; and flaker knives commonly used in particle board industry; as well as pressure bars and slicer knives primarily used in veneer industry, etc.

More information about HKBI wood mill machine knives and cutting saws:


The max. length of our machine knives for wood industry could be 5 meters, which offer a more convenient manufacturing for various plywood and veneer, etc.

2、Production technique:

Our adoption of hot rolling technique enable our machine knives have characteristics like fine metal crystallite and long service life for the durability and veneer, etc.


Recently years, our wool mill machine knives are well accepted in both national and international markets. and in order to satisfy customers' need, we developed cutting knives made of different raw material, which are usually used for manufacturing peeling knives and slicing knives.

4、High Cr cutting knife against blue stain are also available in HKBI, an experienced wood mill machine knives supplier and maker in China.



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