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Cardboard & corrugated industry
HKBI machine knives can offer plenty of blades and knives for corruaged industry, the companies can increase their core competitiveness by using our products, our blades and knives can be used on the machines including automatic trimmer shear, automatic trimmer divider shear, thin-blade NC slitter scorer, spiral-knife NC cutoff or double spiral-knife NC cutoff and so on.

Food processing industry
With the advance of the standard of living, people put forward higher demand for the quality of food, kinds of food are being more and more, which needs plenty of blades and knives for processing by the way of slicing, trimming, smashing, slitting and so on. HKBI machine knives can offer high quality blades and knives which can be used on most foods processing machines, our materials are suitable for food processing like 440 stainless steel series.

Paper making machinery
Paper is very important in our daily life, and paper industry is very flourishing, kinds of machines need plenty of knives. HKBI machine knives can make top & bottom slitting knives, knife holders, razor slitting blades,  trimming & guillotine knives, V-shaped book trimming knives, multi-groove bottom slitters, split bottom slitters, single or double edged, blunt or honed edged or carbide tipped knives. our blades and knives are highly polished with precise tolerances which can ensure your machines work perfectly.

Plastic & rubber industry
HKBI manufacture standard and custom-made blades & knives for plastic and rubber industry, like film cutting blades, tire trimming knives, rubber cutters, bowl blades, plastics smashing and crushing knives, also the recycling knives, we chose high quality materials, like alloy tool steels, high carbon & high chromium steel and high speed steels, we do triple temper to ensure the hardness and toughness, which can extend the life of the knives,  edges won`t break during the cutting and shearing. our parts can help you save cost.

Textile & chemical fiber cutting
Textile & chemical fiber industries need high quality blades,  blade surfaces especially the cutting edges must be super polished, or mirror finish, without any nicks or burrs, HKBI machine knvies can ensure such quality, we chose high quality materials like tungsten carbide to ensure the finish and tolerances, we can manufacture like cloth cutting blades, top blades, bottom blades with single or doubled edges, and the ones with tipped carbide.

Wood working industry
Wood mills need plenty of blades and knives, like chipper knife, slicing knife, peeling knife, flaker knife, planner knife and carpentry knife, also including the saw blades. HKBI can manufacture all the knives with high quality, they must have the characteristics of shock resisting, high toughness and high tensile strength, we chose A8 modified, 1.2379, 1.3343 and other high quality materials.

Roll, pipe & tube cutting
A variety of rolls, pipes & tubes in our daily life, like toilet paper rolls, plastic tubes, rubber pipes, films core rolls, Badminton packaging tube and so on.  they need their working surface to be smooth eough, ground and polished, HKBI machine blades and knives can ensure the ends of such products are without any burrs.

Metalworking industry
HKBI machine knives manufacture high performance products for this industry, which need knives to be with good toughness and must be anti-fatigue working in high temperature situation, our knives with such performances including  fly shearer, large diameter vertical scissors, section shear blades, hot shear blades, horizontal cut knives and so on.

Packaging & printing industry
There are plenty of blades and knives for this industry,since this packaging and printing is very important in the era of information. HKBI machine knives can manufacture dotted line cutting knives for tissue paper,serrated cross-cutting blades for candy packaging and scraper blades for printing ink and so on. the materials are good grade, stainless and wear resistant.

Tobacco and cigarette industry
HKBI machine knives manufacture superior quality and mirror finished blades for tobaccos and cigarettes, which need burr free and precision cutting, we chose material tungsten carbide for this industry, and ensure our products are most durable.

Leather industry
HKBI machine knives can manufacture all types of blades for leather dividing, cutting, trimming and shearing, like leather cutters, bowl blades, peeled knives and so on.

Circuit board & battery cutting
 HKBI machine knives manufacture the superior quality blades, which are specially for new high-tech products like circuit board and battery.


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